Thursday, 9 April 2020

Lockdown continues

We continue to live in very strange times, eighteen hundred Covid 19 deaths in the last two days alone and a Prime Minister who has only just got out of intensive care.  Every sporting and social event cancelled for months including the Edinburgh Festival.  Interestingly it has accelerated the rate at which we all adapt and learn, things are changing so quickly.  Hospitals are being built in weeks, gin distilleries are producing hand sanitiser and the Grand National was a virtual race in 2020.  I have settled in to working from home though I did have a day doing admin in the office on Monday, practically giddy from being out, the tiny touch of normality was a real boost.   Fuel prices are lower than they have been in years, no great benefit when you filled up weeks ago and still have two thirds of a tank!


Val Ewing said...

Our fuel prices have dropped too. But no one is going very far.
I have not seen another person aside from my husband [except for the trip to the grocery store] in....what feels like forever.

Laura said...

It is so strange isn't it, you feel you need to document it somehow. We are very lucky to live rurally :-)