Sunday, 26 April 2020

Sunsets and Sundogs

So lockdown continues to be pretty brutal on the weight gain front, nothing for it but to try and snack less and move more, though that is not much of a chore when this is basically the garden.  I stood in the queue to get into Tescos yesterday and noticed that everyone else was a little more squashed into their jeans and we are all now showing hints of our natural hair colour.  This week I've been out of the Coronavirus loop, less internet, less TV and living in the Borders means we can believe that life is almost normal, however the UK death rate has officially gone over twenty thousand (and in reality, that will be much much higher) and Donald Trump is muttering about injecting patients with disinfectant...  In other news, sign wars in Melrose is very positive today!

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Val Ewing said...

What a beautiful area! I did go riding on my little red mule the other evening and it felt so nice!

It is hard to live with the news right now. Yes our president did mention injecting disinfectant ... right? How bizarre is that? We are doomed!