Saturday, 9 January 2021

Haining Estate

Minus eight this morning so a bracing walk around the Haining Estate in Selkirk, famously the home of the Dandy Dinmont terrier.  Covid cases are rising UK wide, schools are closed other than to vulnerable and key worker children and the death toll yesterday was 1325, the highest to date.


Val Ewing said...

Well you know what is happening here. Aside from some casual Distance Hiking with a friend, we see no one and go nowhere.
What are all the flags on the line for?
What a beautiful walk.

Laura said...

It is a clootie tree - Clootie wells (also Cloutie or Cloughtie wells) are places of pilgrimage in Celtic areas. They are wells or springs, almost always with a tree growing beside them, where strips of cloth or rags have been left, usually tied to the branches of the tree as part of a healing ritual. In Scots nomenclature, a "clootie" or "cloot" is a strip of cloth or rag.

This seemed a bit more of a remembrance tree though, with memorial tags too?

Same here, all we do is walk!!! :-)

Val Ewing said...

Thanks, I've never heard of that before. So fun learning new things!
Yes walk and explore the surrounding landscape. Not much different than what I did pre Pandemic.