Saturday, 23 January 2021

Snowballs and snowdrops...

... still on our lockdown walks!  While Spidey is tucked up in his stable with a pal we are out plodding along, a snowy Black hill, Philiphaugh along the Ettrick river and up to the gallops at Gala Rig which might be the oldest racecourse in Scotland with racing taking place there from the 17th C. 

So, they now think the new variant of Covid 19 is not only more easily transmitted but also more deadly.  Lockdown has seen case numbers start to drop but the death toll is desperate, over six thousand in the UK in the last four days.  Event cancellations are starting to be publicised daily, Glastonbury and Hawick Common riding falling in the last few days, schools closed until at least mid February, work from home confirmed until at least April (a whole year!)  It feels like there is no real hope that 2021 will be particularly different from 2020 even with the vaccine roll out, some days it feels relentless and I say that as someone in a privileged position of a secure job, nice (if chilly) house and no home schooling!


Val Ewing said...

Oh my. And in my state the local state gov't is trying to remove what our Governor put in place for masks. People are suing teachers telling them to go back to the classrooms.
Hopefully our federal leaders will set some things straight.
Some people are now told to make appts for vaccines. Then told there aren't enough.

However your walks are incredibly beautiful. I'm glad you can get out and about. I do love my hikes, it is the only sane part of my life!

Laura said...

In our area they have vaccinated all care home residents and are onto the over 80's in the community, dad has had his. Do you think things will improve under Biden?