Sunday, 4 October 2009

The foal formally known as Gordon!!

Photo with kind permission from Jim (

Rebecca took Chamfron By Dand for his first outing to the Scottish Appaloosa Show and despite being up well before dawn she managed to take the scenic route to the show and miss her first class!  (I'm not taking the p*ss, my complete lack of a sense of direction is legendary!!)

They did make it into the next class though and he was placed second in the yearling class and as a result qualified for The Royal London Show 2010.   Owen (or Gordon as he was known then) was very ill as a four month old foal and Mark spent a lot of nights up in the barn with him so we do have a very soft spot for this little horse.

He got some very positive comments from the judge about his manners ("very well behaved"), temperament ("sweetest nature"), conformation ("lovely limbs and a front to die for") and movement with the only real negative being how immature he was.   Now if we can just get some of the other Nico foals into the show ring...!!!

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