Monday, 26 October 2009

Impulse Purchase!!

OK there is no excuse for what you are about to see but I would like to try and justify it...!!

Both Pitufa and Toby were in cheap rugs which are OK if they are just out for a few hours a day but with the weather we get here and them living out they needed better.  Not least because Pitufa's was a pink tutu with strange elasticated back leg straps that got longer and longer and longer - useless!  So with the weather forecast looking a bit grim I panic shopped and got them two new combo rugs. Pitufa was no bother but there was only one colour left in a seven foot. 

Pitufa head to toe in navy, nice and cosy.

Right off to get Toby's and Mark meets Quin on route, well Quin is very polite "my that looks warm" he sniggers.

Then Pitufa catches sight " ha I used to round up cows in Argentina, it will be like home from home"  (she is also very grateful she is short!)

After a small tussle the rug is on Toby, though Stela and Cherry are trying to "save" him!

And now in it's full glory...

Poor, poor pony!!

*Just to add, I've just noticed it is the "Derby House Daisy Moo Medium Combo" - you know just incase anyone else wanted one!!*


Anonymous said...

I've never seen one like that before - but it really isn't too bad - I've seen a lot worse!

mj said...

I absolutely LOVE IT. Not so much the rug, but your post! I'd have to say that it would take a very proud and confident horse to wear that blanket! Loved it.
BTW...Laura, please log on to my most recent post. I have nominated you for a blog award. Do not feel pressured in any way to accept or complete it, but I wanted you to know that I really enjoy your blog. It is deserving of some recognition! :o)

Hillcroft said...

Moooo!!! Brilliant