Friday, 13 August 2010

Edinburgh Festival

Managed to have a few days away in Edinburgh for the festival. After a really delicious lunch at Wildfire on Rose Street (highly recommended) we went to see Hardeep Singh's "Chat Masala" (not enough curry passed around!) then the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets, who were absolutely fabulous, very very funny. Then today (yip Friday the Thirteenth....) we decided to have lunch 100ft in the air at Festival in the sky. In all honesty I think in Edinburgh its probably not as awe inspiring as it should be. You are a 100 feet up but because it is based in Princess Street Gardens (way below street level,) it doesn't feel as high as it should, now if they could have put it on the Esplanade that would have been buttock clenching! As you can see in the photo of my cowboy boot I even managed to look down at the teeny weeny people looking up!

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Hillcroft said...

Good Grief you brave souls!! I would not have had the stomach for lunch!