Sunday, 6 April 2014

Schooling livery - Isla

Isla has come for a fortnight as she has become a little keen cantering in company and she also had a fright where she was chased by a dog and bolted.  Mark decided to ride her down the driveway today when Arrayan was out in the field to see how she reacted to a loose horse cantering along side.  She did  buzz up for a few strides, or as Mark says "did the pony sag and slink manoeuvre" but because Mark was relaxed she soon settled.  We will also be calling upon our trusty assistant Sheila the Heeler to lurk behind bushes and bark occasionally.

Isla is on the Grass Sickness vaccine trial and we will be filling in her survey while she is with us.  Kayreen won't know until next year whether she had the vaccine or the placebo.

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