Saturday, 31 May 2014

Schooling liveries - the Arrayan fillies

Kitty is happy being tacked up, leant over and sat on, Lucia has been working a lot harder!  She is a bit plump and stuffy so the aim of her being here is to get her of the leg, sharper, changing legs, basically the transition from nice quiet hack to good polo pony.  She also learnt to play "keepie upie" today, she wasn't entirely convinced but a useful skill to learn to keep on side with the Argentine players.  Not so impressive if they are bouncing the ball past the ladies and a pink pony shoots out from under them!

Morag had also asked that both were better to hose down and after a small discussion Lucia stood well, if not exactly looking thrilled (that is the Criollo sulking face for anyone not familiar with it!)

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