Thursday, 12 June 2014

Positive Scans

Really pleased and more than a little relieved to scan Gordian Knot and Llamita in foal to Arrayan, they are both due the 26th April 2015.  The mares all came out the winter looking incredible, we had tons of grass, the sun was shinning so we started covering early for us.  Then one by one every mare came back into season, we started to panic a little, we suddenly thought only having one stallion seemed a bit "eggs in one basket", we got a little down heartened to be honest.

Last week in the Lidls there was a deal on "kids first science kit" (complete with Microscope) so we checked the main man out, everything was swimming well and there was plenty of them, we breathed a little easier.  Hopefully the rest of the girls will follow suit now and we will try and be less doom and gloom.

We did have a bit of excitement scanning when Tammy decided against being twitched, reared up and landed on Marks head, blood down to his belt and a hoof print on his back, a good look!

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