Thursday, 26 June 2014

Two Horse Tack

Lucia and Cactus have had the honour of testing Mark's new Two Horse Tack bridle for the horses that come in for breaking and schooling.  We were in desperate need of a new bridle (I may have lightly trashed one falling off Pampita) and we were keen to get back to a synthetic one as they do get used and abused here.  With horses coming in from other yards a bridle that can be dunked in a bucket of Hibiscrub is no bad idea.  

So, being the shrinking wall flowers that we are we decided to go for purple and then we went for the medieval style (similar to the Argentine halters our horses wear) made by Two horse Tack in Kentucky.  First impression is it is a great colour and a lovely pliable Beta BioThane, soft and supple and easy to fit and adjust.  

We decided to go for a standing martingale as at present they only offer a running or standing option and we prefer a bib martingale for our breakers, the standing martingale being more use on the ponies in for polo schooling.  It seems to be a good size easily adjusting from the long neck of Cactus to the chunkier neck of Lucia.

Even taking into account customs charges the bridles are excellent value and as soon as I've mucked out the dumping ground that our tack room has become we will be back to buy a couple more.  If anyone else is interested its worth checking out Two Horse Tack's website as they do run contests, giveaways and discount codes on a regular basis.  They do a full range of English and Western tack, in more subtle colours and even less subtle colours depending on your taste.

I had to laugh at Lucia truly embracing her war horse mentality.  As she cantered towards me for a head on galloping shot, I thought "wow she looks close through this zoom lens" then Mark shouted "Mooooove!!"


Anonymous said...

I bought a beta thingy bob bridle for a friend and it isn't her type of thing so buying it back love it and it is BLUE as in BLUEY bright BLUE haha.

Love them and love the style.

Laura said...

I like this Beta BioThane, its not like the synthetic bridles I've had in the past. Will be interesting to see how they hold up to the neglect our bridles generally suffer. I am kind of drawn to a camouflage one next (they do mule bridles!!)

Anonymous said...

I agree my Zilco harness for Puzzle was Beta Biothane and there is no comparison. They are very pliable and certainly take the beatings as I broke Puzzle to harness in his new Zilco and some years later I was able to show him in it before selling it to a friend for her horse( you remember the chestnut pony you photographed ) and it was still in great condition the only parts that had worn were the non Biothane parts