Sunday, 7 September 2014

Breaking Update

We've had a slightly autumnal but otherwise glorious weekend of weather here.  Tiger is now at the end of week three with us and is starting to hack out and work in the paddock.  Ted, our stable jockey, is back at work and having a wee sit on Malambo.  As you can see Ted has a wee drinking problem and was passed out on the job.  That meant that when Mark was riding Stela, Malambo rolled on Ted, resulting in a severely squashed nose, a weak effort Ted!

Unfortunately this weekend we put down Sheila our Australian Cattle Dog, she had been taking fits for some time and every time she did her temperament changed a little including becoming worryingly obsessive about controlling the yard and who moved on it.  We are now regularly getting people turn up unannounced (we love visitors but please please make an appointment first!) and as such sadly it was an accident waiting to happen.

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