Monday, 1 September 2014

New Criollo mare

Well we'll just give her a wee hair cut, then stand her up for some photos.  Wonder how she rides...?  Rides well!!  The new girl is proving to be exceptionally easy and seems very settled.  

Having watched the TV program last night Two Amigos: A Gaucho Adventure, Mark tries to redeem the reputation of British men (it may have mentioned them being a bit "girly") - he would like his own TV program "The quest for Britain's lost cojones"!

The program wasn't exactly riveting viewing but it was great to see the two comedians get on the Criollos and recognise how good they were - "it's like getting off a push bike onto a Porsche"


Unknown said...

Wow ! How chilled is she ! Looking good :) .

Teri said...

Beautiful girl!!! Look forward to seeing the babies in the future!