Thursday, 9 May 2019

Cracking evening

I am amused at myself, I didn't realise I was so easily led - I am finding the Equilab App fascinating!  I didn't ride yesterday as it rained all day but it was a glorious evening tonight so out we went.  Pre App we would have turned down by the fishing lakes and gone home at that point, tonight we basically incorporated two hacks in one and carried straight on instead.  I had the phone tucked down my chaps tonight and it was accurate on pace so I now know it needs to be somewhere with no shuggling. 155ft climbed and eleven, yes eleven gates opened!


Val Ewing said...

Very cool ... I had no idea there was an app for that.

Laura said...

It is called Equilab and you can use it for free or subscribe for extra perks. This is all on the free service.