Sunday, 12 May 2019


The plan for today had been up to the Heights to peer at the cross country jumps, however we got to the brow of the hill only to find they were being guarded by young inquisitive cattle so instead Brave Sir Spidey (and I) bravely turned and bravely fled!  It was however a glorious day and there were hoof prints leading through a gate we'd never been so we went off exploring and had a lovely hack alongside the Melrose path with the black hill in front of us.  Undoubtably a hack that could be done much faster but it does no harm for wee white fluffy people to walk up grass fields occasionally. 

So in the last seven days I have ridden five times for six hours and covered eighteen miles, we mostly walk and even when we are cantering we are not the fastest (his top speed appears to be 16mph, a career in pony racing does not beckon).  The App has encouraged me to explore, to go a little further, to tackle some very tiny demons, I will keep tracking, though probably not blogging, every hack and see where it takes us.

My horsey life now is such a weird contradiction, I am the absolute definition of the middle aged amateur, people presume he is my first pony and give me "helpful" unasked for advice on subjects such as strip grazing and yet my old life ticks away and I hear on the grapevine that one of the biggest names in polo is enquiring about one of my youngsters!

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