Monday, 6 May 2019

It hacks, it snacks!

OK, I am a little behind everyone else when it comes to tech, but now not only have I grappled with Netflix and watched After Life (not a Ricky fan but it made me laugh) I have tracked our hacks with Equilab.  I have no intention of blogging every hack but I thought a week might give me an interesting insight.  So Monday - Photo one is evidence that I have no pretence at professionalism any more, it is easier to do the gate from the far side, he isn't going anywhere, he is also plump.  Photo two, wow we really do pootle!  There are some errors, I did not canter down the road to finish.  Apparently I expended 208 calories, Spider probably didn't even expend the grass he is snacking on, we climbed 105ft.  The shame, Charlotte has informed us that even in her very unfit state she runs faster than that (Spider says, yip, you are not carrying tubby).

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