Saturday, 26 July 2014

Penrith Show

Possibly not going to be rushing back to this one...!!  Didn't start well when the volunteer on the gate was shouty and mean for no good reason, the next couple of helpers were cheery but at a complete loss... the wagon park was full and wagons were still coming in, in droves.  They parked us on the side of the track, this was probably a huge positive as there were wagons down the bottom that weren't getting out this side of Tuesday.  Arrayan had spread a shoe but the show farrier, Will, was grand and soon popped it back on.

We never found a warm up, the horse walk was pushchair and sunbather central, the class was over an hour late and it was scorching.  Just when everyone was wilting with heat stroke the main ring entertainment let of some gun shots to wake them up again.  

Ended the day with a third and a rather rosy tan!


Mo said...

Well done! Both looking very smart.

cheyenne jones said...

Looking good! I used to live in Penrith, and to be honest, it mostly hasnt changed. Sorry to hear this about the show, not usually like this.